Minister’s Journal



Minister’s Journal

“Come sing a song of joy
For peace shall come my brother
Sing, sing a song of joy
For we shall love each other

That day will dawn just as sure
As hearts that are pure
Are hearts set free
No one must stand alone
With outstretched hands before them

Reach out and take them in yours
With love that endures
For evermore
Then sing a song of joy
For love and understanding”

It’s hard to believe I first sang those words nearly fifty years ago. Words made most famous by Julio Iglesias , set to Beethoven’s classic “Ode to Joy”.

My heart quickened each time the words met the music and a vision of global harmony emerged. Passion fused with conviction offered a lasting hope. The energy sustained and the anthem found its place in my heart.

Today, as the Revival in Belfast continues to move hearts, inspiring faith, deepening devotion and quickening the spirit, I pray we are prepared to echo back “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of Lord”.

In every generation, in every time and space, we are invited, encouraged, indeed urged to discover and proclaim our Ode to Joy. Praise and thanksgiving lift each one to a higher place as they experience the divine blessing. The gift is in the giving. The joyful offering becomes the abiding, sustaining, empowering life force we come to know in Jesus.

Imagine a world where every day, every woman and man, boy and girl began the morning with songs of praise and ended it with echoes of thanksgiving. Imagine…

Discover your Anthem of Joy. Lift it up. Play it, sing it, let it ring inside you. Know your life will be changed as you encounter a deeper, fuller faith grounded in joy!

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